Julia Jones, formerly also known as Julia Thorogood, is an English writer, editor, book publisher, aged-care advocate and classic yacht owner.  Julia opened a bookshop in the Essex village of Ingatestone.

Bookselling developed into small scale local publishing (seven titles, four of them in association with Age Concern Essex). It was particularly exciting to rediscover Margery Allingham’s autobiographical The Oaken Heart an account of the early years of the Second World War in Essex. Julia re-issued this under her Sarsen Publishing imprint in 1988.

Golden Duck began by re-publishing Julia’s 1991 biography of Margery Allingham in a new edition The Adventures of Margery Allingham. This was followed by a new edition of Philip Allingham’s Cheapjack and Margery Allingham’s The Oaken Heart. The Allingham Fab Four was completed by the publication of Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory, her account of Herbert Allingham’s working life.

Julia’s Strong Winds trilogy — The Salt-Stained Book, A Ravelled Flag and Ghosting Home — has extended itself to the Strong Winds series with the publication of The Lion of Sole Bay and Black Waters in 2015.  A seventh title is on its way.

Julia has written a new history on the RNVSR (Royal Navy Voluntary Service Reserves), called UNCOMMON COURAGE which was published by Adlard Coles/Bloomsbury in March 2022.