Graham Masterton will be visiting Wolow maximum security prison in southern Poland on October 20 to present the awards for his fifth annual short story contest for the inmates of the country’s jails. He devised the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest after a promotional visit to Wołow, and he was given enthusiastic support by the Warden and by the Polish Prison Service. Each year the contest has attracted over 100 entries from all of Poland’s penal institutions.

The winner of the prison contest receives a plaque and the ten runners-up receive DVD players and a certificate. Every entrant receives an encouraging personal letter from Masterton with a souvenir pen.

Masterton’s contribution to the welfare of Polish prisoners was acknowledged this summer by the placing of a bronze dwarf figure of him on Kielbasnicza Street in the centre of Wrocław. There are 163 dwarfs dotted around the city and they are a major tourist attraction.